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Unlike most dating sites, there is no way of filtering who can and can not contact you other than distance and age restrictions, but this does not stop the fake profiles from contacting.

From the moment I joined, I received messages every second.

Since, I have had to contact customer service to delete my profile as there is no easily accessible way to delete your account at your own will.

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So unless you are extremely active with your swiping, you'll constantly have notifications that someone swiped 'yes'.

They have ignored each email and only responded saying my account had been deleted. They do advice that wait times could be long due to limited staff, but I believe they want to avoid the confrontation of the never ending complains of fake profiles.

Every other dating site has the ability to filter the fake, spam and troll profiles, but Pof doesn't seem to filter them as much.

Hello I joined this horrendous site 3 days ago and I was in the site for 2 days and then they removed my account without any email confirmation or explanation, I didn’t do anything wrong nor did I breach their terms of use guidelines, i’d like to warn others to be very vigilant before signing up to this shocking site because apart the scammers, spam, and abusive vile male members, you will have your account removed without warning, I think that Marcus the creator of POF is so pathetic and absolute joke and he needs to take himself along to the Idate Seminars and educate himself on the proper protocol of operating an online dating company cause he clearly doesn’t have a clue,and I’m just at a loss for words??

and trying to comprehend just how a person of his calibre who isn’t smart at all is in a position to operate a dating company???

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