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For the hoax, the producers named the faux-reality show Lap of Luxury, with a 0,000 top prize "awarded" to the "winner." Perhaps in an attempt to keep things as close to actual reality shows as possible, at the end of every episode an eviction ceremony was conducted where each contestant voted to evict someone, and the person with the most votes was eliminated.

After the written finish was executed, the actor in question would take a plate with their face painted on it and give it to Garman, who would then state a rhyming couplet that went "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, (name), you're dead to us" then throw the plate into the fireplace, breaking it.

Both the other "contestants" and the show's executives allegedly questioned the future of the show.

While Gould was kept in the dark until the very end, the tone of the show was apparently altered (according to the voiceover of the early episodes).

The male role was filled by Tim Walsh, while Ingrid Wiese was chosen to be the female "schmo". Ralph Garman returned to host the second season as Derek Newcastle, dying his hair blond and wearing a fake beard, glasses, blue contact lenses and false teeth plus spoke with a British accent so he would not be recognized by the new contestants.

The original "Joe Schmo," Matt Kennedy Gould, taped a cameo appearance during an episode of Joe Schmo 2 as a pizza delivery man, but the segment was cut when the network decided to shorten the episode; it did appear on the DVD.

The Joe Schmo Show is a reality television hoax show created by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. The first season's hoax was conducted as a typical reality competition show while the second hoax was a Bachelor-like dating series.

He later recorded commentary that was included in Mo' Joe Schmo, a rebroadcast of the series.In 2004, Spike TV aired a second season of The Joe Schmo Show, called Joe Schmo 2 and tagged, "The Schmo must go on." Rather than duplicate the premise of the first season, producers satirized reality dating shows such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with a fake show called Last Chance for Love.This time the premise was to fool two people, a man and a woman.Gould eventually won the contest but was disturbed by the incident.The next day, when Wiig returned to the show, still in character, Gould gave her the all-expense-paid spa vacation he had won earlier.

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