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That said, Tipsy Pilgrim strongly urges you to date the non-French whenever possible.

And remember, we have a number of articles to help.

Others will recall Belo Horizonte as the scene of England's most humiliating football defeat, when a hearse driver and teacher from the US stunned the national team at the 1950 World Cup.

But if the 5,000 or so English ticket holders expected here for England's final group game against Costa Rica in a few weeks' time look a little more closely, they may remember it for something else.

In downtown Belo Horizonte are 23 brothels, known locally as zonas.

While we’re hardly a seduction site, we do provide occasional advice on getting into the pants of the gentleman or lady of your dreams — when that advice reveals the quirks of a particular culture.

We thus have articles on how the local cultures consider it sexy to own “shitted pants” in Catalonia, a cow in Galicia, or a gas station in Russia.

Using that link will also get me the same credit and help me continue ridiculous travels and “research” like this.

The headlines say that the sex workers of Brazil are preparing for the World Cup with English lessons and credit-card facilities.

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