Chunky dating

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If you're a peanut butter lover, you'll love these.* I've noticed that if I search the web, that Trader Joe's has a number of additional Vegan Cookie flavors that my local stores doesn't carry.

If I come across any new ones in my travels, rest assured I'll buy them (for research purposes, of course) and add them to this page.

Originally when we first met we hit it off immediately and as teenagers do, he asked me to be his girlfriend the same day we met. The next day, when I called him, a girl answered the phone and politely told me that he couldn’t date me because she was actually his girlfriend.

Fast forward to freshman year, and there he is standing at the end of the bar.

The air is crisp, the leaves have turned crunchy, and the Halloween season is upon us. If you haven’t lived through this lovely phenomenon, you’ve definitely heard about it: that in which you are dating a person until, for reasons unbeknown to you, they disappear!

What better time to share some real-life ghost stories? They don’t answer their texts, or pick up the phone, or like your very cute picture of your very cute dog on Instagram.

He headed out and delivered my belongings to my parents house awkwardly meeting them for the first time without me even being there. I got home and called him hoping to make plans for the weekend. It was Spring, post cuffing season, when I ended up in the hospital after a night of hanging with her, followed by a very boozy brunch. She texted me sweet things, offered to come help out (I declined), and then promptly told me she wouldn’t be able to make our next date because “she was really missing spending time with her guitar.” Furious, I didn’t respond.

He had seemed quite into me—taking me out to nice dinners, talking about the future, even expressing an interest in going on a trip to France together that summer. I was worried about the timing, but he seemed committed, told me to text him while I was away, and had said—and I quote—”Don’t forget about me while you’re in Israel.” We had made tentative plans to do something the weekend I was back.Here's my candid review of the flavors available at my store (Los Altos, California)*. As a lover of Oatmeal Raisin anything, I am a bit disappointed in Trader Joe's Oatmeal Raisin cookies.I find them just a bit too sugary sweet, and lacking sufficient spices one often finds in oatmeal raisin cookies.When it did arrive, weeks later, it was just the necklace. That meant that I had to give up Tinder and OKCupid.So I joined Match—because obviously that’s the way.

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