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The perpetrator wanted a pornographic video of the victim.

And if she did not send it within one day, he threatened to publish the images already in his possession, and “let [her] family know about [her] dark side.” If she contacted law enforcement, he promised he would publish the photos on the Internet too.

Less frequently, corporate cyberstalking involves an individual stalking a corporation.

WHOA reported that, in 2001, cyberstalking began with e-mail messages most often, followed by message boards and forums messages, and less frequently with chat.

Should you become the victim of a cyberstalker, the most effective course of action is to report the offender to their Internet service provider (ISP).

Should that option be impossible, or ineffective, the best thing to do is to change your own ISP and all your online names.

Cyberstalking messages differ from ordinary spam in that a cyberstalker targets a specific victim with often threatening messages, while the spammer targets a multitude of recipients with simply annoying messages.

Cyberstalking, cybersquatting, and cyberterrorism are among the growing number of new computer and Internet-related crimes, sometimes referred to collectively as cybercrime.

In this expert guide, security pros weigh in on how antimalware protects the enterprise.

WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse), an online organization dedicated to the cyberstalking problem, reported that in 2001 58% of cyberstalkers were male and 32% female (presumably in some cases the perpetrator's gender is unknown).

Later in the day, to underscore his seriousness, the hacker followed up with another email threatening the victim: “You have six hours.” This victim knew her correspondent only as [email protected], but the attacker turned out to be a talented 32-year-old proficient in multiple computer languages.

Located in Santa Ana, California, his name was Luis Mijangos.

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