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We just went live with our new website that is still a bit shallow in content but you’ll see a lot more from us as we begin to roll out the commercial launch.AW: So as you may or may not know I’m actually in the structural biology department here at NYU and so I have a vested interest in single molecule technologies and research.Additionally, one of our founding scientists is Tim Harris, who was at ; he was the first researcher to publish a paper on detection of single DNA molecules on a surface.He’s got a lot of experience and brought a knowledge base that has allowed us to build a flow cell surface that is incredibly low noise in itself, but is very washable SL: Oh yes, a majority of our cycle time is washing.

He was also involved in the formation of Celera within the broader Applera corporate structure. Lombardi spent 8 years as a nucleic acids chemist focused on the development of novel approaches to DNA synthesis.

We are still doing research as to how far we can go with the homopolymer regions and I can’t say where we are right now, but were making very good progress towards performance that its really exciting.

SL: I want to give somebody credit here, and its Bill Efcavitch who is our senior VP of R&D.

AW: So that’s what I thought, after reading the patent it seemed like it was largely done through kinetic means which has a lot of benefits especially because even if an incorporation is not made it doesn’t necessarily matter for the Heli Scope system.

SL: Exactly, because we can take advantage of the fact that each strand grows asynchronously.

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