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He bleeds to death after repeatedly banging his head on Salad Fingers' door.Salad Fingers then finds him and drags him inside his house and hangs him on a meat hook, believing him to be alive and conscious.Salad Fingers appears to be autosadistic, as he can be seen taking pleasure from impaling his finger on a nail, rubbing stinging nettles on himself or inadvertently stepping onto a hidden bear trap.His talents include playing the flute and speaking French.This is further evidenced when it backs away from Salad Fingers when he tries to hug it in the ninth episode.The only sound it makes is a sharp scream, so it is difficult to tell whether this is a person and what its gender is.Salad Fingers takes up various habits, including a regular measurement of the distance between his house and a tree, tasting of the dirt ("floor-sugar"), and listening to his radio.

Appearing in episode four, Bordois is a woodlouse which Salad Fingers accidentally kills by attempting to pet her.

In episode five, Hubert Cumberdale is temporarily renamed Barbara Logan-Price (and given a "friend hat" which is actually a Navy cap).

In episode six, Salad Fingers eats Jeremy Fisher in a moment of forgetfulness, and the puppet has not appeared or been mentioned since, indicating that he was killed off (he was actually eating another clone of himself).

Although he refers to her as "little sister", Salad Fingers makes sexual remarks to Bordois, saying "Your body is so much fun." Once he squishes her, he says "You've gone flat, little sister. I shan't play with you again until you've had a wash."Appearing in episode one and episode nine, is a yellow bug-eyed person with a green shirt who owns many rusty objects (which Salad Fingers strokes) and a small house.

While Salad Fingers calls it Aunty Bainbridge in the ninth episode, he also calls it a "young child" in the first, indicating that he does not, in fact, know it at all.

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