My iphone froze when updating

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I am sure most of people will try to reboot their device when i Phone freezes with new update. Before you take further steps, you are good to try it.If the regular restart doesn’t work, you can also perform a hard reset on your stuck and bricked i OS 11 devices.For whatever reason, continuously pressing the Power button will almost always resolve the stuck “verifying update” error.

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Once you see the Apple logo and the progress bars, let the device sit and install the software update, this can take 30 minutes or more depending on the speed of the device and internet connection.This particular i OS 11 stuck issue cannot be solved completely with a simple force restart.If you find i Phone freezes constantly with i OS 11, the problem should attribute to the operating system you’ve just installed.Before doing anything else, be sure of the following: the i OS device must have an active wi-fi connection, the i OS device must have enough available storage space to install an update.Note that seeing the “Verifying Update” message is not always an indicator of anything being stuck, and it is perfectly normal for that message to appear on screen of an updating i OS device for a while.

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