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Polish girls choose guys because they are in love and a subconscious component of this is they are compatible including culture. I do not know, it took a year for my wife to even would go out on a date me because she thought I was a foreign guy who wanted to play. It was funny one day I pulled out my Polish identity card after knowing her for about nine months.

Only when she got to know me, then she we start meeting and dating. She was asking me who is this with the last name of ‘Biernat’. It is not that she did not want to date a foreigner (me) it is that it makes like complicated.

Yet the socialist system that yielded those statistics also uniformly excluded women from the highest positions of economic and political power.

The end of communist government brought a new debate about women's role in Polish society.

Right after they come back home from work they begin their homely duties such as cleaning, cooking, washing dishes and doing laundry.

The women work hard so that when their husbands come home they can enjoy the atmosphere of a clean home.

This difference is associated with Poland being a traditionally Catholic country, where over 90% are Catholic. Even if they do divorce, Polish females are unwilling to remarry.

Typically, in a divorce women receive custody of the children.

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The majority of women work professionally outside of their homes.

Since Polish society gives a high priority of raising children, the women are given the responsibility of raising children and caring for their family.

They are the ones that get up early in the morning, prepare breakfast and get the kids ready to school. They have enough time and energy to take care of the children, play with them, and make sure that they have everything they need.

Since extended family is very important in Poland, the more popular arrangement is that either a grandma or aunt will care for the children while the mother is at work.

Polish women take care of their husbands just as much as they take care of their children.

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