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Start with a brief sentence about their day or a fun writing prompt and incrementally increase the amount of writing every week.Make it a game and not a chore Pick books to read and topics to discuss that your child enjoys.In this time I began to explore the library, talk to the librarians about various genres and quickly I realized that I loved being there so much that working in the library became my first ever summer job.Soon enough I began to develop writing skills that I would eventually use a cathartic device in my private journals and ultimately in college, and now in writing my dissertation.While it is undoubtedly important for students to grasp academic concepts through traditional learning and classic methodologies in classroom, it is impactful to create opportunities for concrete experiences.This gives students the opportunity to actively engage in their learning process, and apply the concepts to real world experiences.

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Journals, Scrap books or Chromebooks Pick a medium that your kid enjoys using the most and have them paste fun pictures, doodles and illustrations as they write.

Time them to see how much they can ‘free write’ in their journals Curate a robust lexicon Build a strong vocabulary!

Have your child record a new word they learned every week in their journal.

As an educator of over twelve years, I know personally that teachers are under immense pressure from districts to cover a stringent curriculum, raise test scores and produce college ready learners.

While this is necessary for academic purposes, systematic rigor of the general curriculum leaves little room for stimulating a child’s creativity.

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