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Thanks J..., Correct me if I am wrong, but the trick to being able to reference the "sender" object as a control appears to be to convert the variable from a System. Text = "" Then Exit Sub Dim x As String = "" Dim y As String = "" Dim z As String = "0123456789" For i = 0 To Len(ctl. Object to a Control object, which is what the third line accomplishes. Dim ctl As Control = sender Private Sub Phone Validation(sender As System. In Win Forms I could handle the Validated event to do something after the user changed text in a Text Box.You do not have to disable the Form’s Auto Validate property.However, I prefer to call it explicitly and handle all validation at once since you most likely will take action only if the entire control’s children pass validation. The most important thing to recognize here is how precise you can be with the validation error message in the error provider.i am making application in which there are 10 textbox in which i am changing background color when it got focus and lost focus. is there any way i can set or add custom code that every textbox added in form change color on got focus and lost focus and can assign textbox validation number only, alphanumeric. Back Color = interface Focus Txt Color End Sub One way, which I am using myself often, is to make an array of textboxes.

The base This allows you to build generic handlers for a variety of events, but also allows you to take specific actions based on the type of the object that generated the event. The name is just a means of obtaining a reference to the actual underlying object.Now how do I get the text value of this control, assuming the control is a text box. Validating 'This routine strips away all non-numeric characters, and then reformats the remaining 10 digits in standard phone# format. I tried: somestring = sender.text, somestring = text, some string = control It rejects any non-null input which does not distill down to exactly 10 or 11 digits Dim ctl As Control = sender If ctl. Say, for example, you want to perform some common validation tasks for radio buttons, textboxes, comboboxes, etc; but that you also want to do some validation specific to each type you can check the type of the sending object (as above) and then work with it after casting it to its proper type. In the case of an event handler, the object reference is handed to you via the J...If you're doing multiple things with the object you can also save repeated work by setting the cast to a local variable : If Type Of sender Is Text Box Then Dim sender Txt Box As Text Box = Direct Cast(sender, Text Box) Dim sender Txt As String = sender Txt Box. That gives me exactly what I asked for, the control name.

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