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)4 - good family5 - ready to settle down There you have it, everything an Agenda Girl needs for a real, honest-to-goodness fairy-tale romance. I can tell all this about her within an hour of our first date. Because that is usually how long it takes her to decide whether or not she wants to start grooming me for the role of Mr. Of course, not every Agenda Girl is quite that obvious.Plenty of women enter into relationships with open minds only to find themselves getting hung up on the idea of marriage before the time is ripe -- meaning, before their boyfriend is ready.I don't see a book on the market about how a guy can please a girl, and the truth is, nobody would read it.It's always up to the girl to make all the changes and accommodate a guy's ego.In these cases, the relationship often self-destructs when the agenda comes to light in the form of premature demands and a relationship-ending ultimatum.Even if you're nowhere near as extreme as the girl I just described, Agenda Girls come in all shapes and sizes.

He currently lives in Colorado, where he works as an ER doctor. Stork will be the host of the highly anticipated Dr. I once had a woman ask me during the first thirty minutes of our first date if I was ready for marriage and children because she felt like her clock was ticking and she didn't want to waste her time with men who weren't "serious" about dating.Why is she so in love with me when she doesn't even know me? Afraid of the risks that come with true romance, she prefers to look at a relationship like a job.Except in this case, she's reaching for the diamond ring, not the brass one.Take it from a guy, that is not how you want to start off your first date.The Agenda Girl is the one who's been planning her wedding since she was old enough to count to ten bridesmaids.

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